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NYC Work in Progress Signs

There are many signs that are mandatory on the worksite. One such sign is the Work in Progress sign – a sign that is required on construction fences around almost any type of project, including new buildings, demolitions, and alterations.

Work in Progress signs need to have very specific information. At NYC Contractor Signs, we are happy to use our expertise to create the WIP signs that your business needs. Give us a call today at (718) 648-6500 to get started.

Information on a Work in Progress Sign in NY

Work in Progress Signs are mandated by NYC DOB Building Code § 3301.9.1. They are required for all new buildings, most demolitions, alterations, and excavations, depending on the work that is proceeding. The information panels on these work in progress signs must include information such as:

  • Depiction – For most contractor projects, a depiction of the sign is necessary. These include elevation drawings, rendering of the building’s exterior, etc. It must also be free of any logos or commercial symbols.
  • Project Completion Date – The date the project is completed must be listed somewhere on the sign. An estimate is acceptable, though a firm date is preferred.
  • Work in Progress Notification – The words “Work in Progress” must be clearly visible on the sign.
  • Owner and Contact – The corporate owner’s name and telephone number must be listed, as well as information about the process. The general contractor’s name and number must also be listed.
  • The phrase “To Anonymously Report Unsafe Work Conditions Please Call 311” must be displayed in both English and Spanish.

The type of sign and the way it should look may also differ depending on the type of construction. For example, there are:

  • Construction Fence Signage for Demolitions
  • Construction Fence Signage for Smaller Lots
  • Construction Fence and Shed Signage

DOB §3301.9.5 also show other signs that may need to be posted within the site, including FDNY signs, DOT Permits, OHSA Signs, and more.

At NYC Contractor Signs, our team has decades of experience helping complete the signs that are required at your job site. Our expertise allows us to match all DOB requirements, and we are confident that we can create the right sign for you to be up to date with local mandates.

If you are ready to get started, call us today at (718) 648-6500. Our team can discuss your needs and details with you, and provide you with rush delivery options as needed to get it to your job site.

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