New York Law

New York Law

When choosing the right signs for your New York City contractor job site, it’s important that you understand what the government requires. The NYC DOB (Department of Buildings) has rules that govern which signs you must post and even where you must post them.

At NYC Contractor Signs, we’ve compiled a list of references that you can use to determine the signs you need. We are also happy to discuss the sign laws with you, and make sure that you have all of the signs that you need depending on your construction site.

New York City Laws Regarding Signs for Contractors, Construction, and Buildings


The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has its own laws regarding signs that need to be clearly labeled for occupational safety. For more information about these laws, visit the OHSA website. Always remember that there are benefits to being careful – not only ethically, but also legally, and so take precaution when determining your warning signs.

There may be different rules depending on where the job site is located. Other helpful links include Highway Workzones, and Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.


The New York City Department of Buildings has its own requirements regarding state law. Some of these requirements include making sure that fences have a sign with the building exterior, that the project completion date is listed, that the corporate owner’s name is listed, and other important rules. You can see some of these rules here and here.

ANSI Signs

Similar to OHSA signs (and adopted by the OHSA, but considered its own specific type of sign) you may be in need of ANSI signs, which are sign requirements put forward by the American National Standards Institute. For more information on ANSI signs, the Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers has a helpful, easy to understand list of the different types of rules for ANSI signs.

Get Your Job Site Sign in Accordance with NYC Sign Law

There are many criteria regarding the proper signs to have at each job site, and these signs are both to help you follow the law and to make sure that anyone in and near your property is kept safe. If you need a partner to help you create and manage these signs, contact NYC Contractor Signs today, and let our team of specialized staff help you create custom and standard signs for your job site. Call now to get started.

See attached DOB pdf with all the signage