No Smoking Signs

No Smoking Signs NYC

Smoking in or near property and work sites all around New York City is regularly prohibited. In some cases, smoking could also be a safety issue in areas with gas, wood, and oxygen. To make sure people do not smoke, contractors and businesses may require a No Smoking sign.

The NYC Department of Buildings mandates that companies and contractors display no smoking signs prominently to remind customers and employees that they are not allowed to smoke inside and certain outdoor areas. Furthermore, all signs have to be in good condition and displayed prominently or hefty fines will follow.

New York and New Jersey No Smoking Signs

At NYC Contractor Signs, we understand that no smoking signs are important for the health and safety of those at or near your job site as well as compliance with local law. We create both custom and traditional No Smoking Signs that reference the rules of the building. Examples of these signs include:

  • Cigarette Crossed Out
  • FDNY Code Section 1404 Signs (for Construction Sites)
  • No Smoking Within 100 Feet of Building Signs.
  • No Smoking Fire Hazard Signs, and More

These are some of many affordable no smoking sign options. If necessary, we can also create custom signs for your company that will comply with the law and meet your unique needs at the same time.

Given our years of experience working in New York and New Jersey, we also understand the laws regarding no smoking signs quite well. If you are interested in a customized sign, we can tell you if your idea will be acceptable, and we have a variety of custom NYC DOB no smoking signs.

Fast and Affordable No Smoking Signs

For contractors, builders, and businesses that need signs to prevent smoking and comply with state law, we can provide you with these signs right away. Many of our signs are available within 24 and 48 hours, and we have both pickup and delivery options. We can handle both large and small quantities, and we are confident that our signs will be made with the quality, durable materials that are necessary.

If you need no smoking signs for your New York City or New Jersey building, give NYC Contractor Signs a call at 781-648-6500. We are happy to create any type of No Smoking sign – as well as a variety of other signs for OHSA and NYC DOB, and we are happy to work contractors not only in Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, but also New York and New Jersey.